425218_169608676546434_1871217299_nI have been crocheting amigurumi for a few years now but up until now, I don’t feel like I’ve been documenting and keeping track of my projects particularly well. I post pictures of my finished projects regularly on Instagram (@sirpurlgrey) but my design process isn’t explained for those who would like to know. My followers don’t see the thought process and all of the experimentation behind my designs, and I decided that I needed an avenue to present it.

My intentions for this website/blog is to showcase my amigurumi designs and how I develop each one, and also provide tips and techniques. Sir Purl Grey is still in its infancy so I hope that you will be patient as it slowly grows. I hope that you will enjoy this adventure with me as my world of crochet and amigurumi expands and evolves.