I am proud and very excited to share with you a collaboration that I did with the talented Louie Mesinger (@louiesloops) from Club Crochet. Louie is a crochet artist whose work I’ve been following and admired ever since I started crocheting.

He is the creator of Club Crochet, a subscription service that shares patterns and projects for crocheters of all experience levels. What I love about Louie’s patterns are the full video tutorials for his patterns. As a member of Club Crochet you’ll have access to to a library of patterns and at the Pro Membership level, you’ll be sent a monthly kit with all the materials needed to crochet one of that month’s patterns.

Louie reached out to me to collaborate on a pair of patterns to share on Club Crochet and my crocheting community. We decided on an ocean theme and we each designed a pattern inspired by an ocean animal. Louie designed the adorable sea horse pattern below. My favourite detail is the tail that can curl around a strand of seaweed to keep it from being swept away by strong ocean currents.

At the time, I was obsessed with deep sea creatures and I designed a pattern based on the anglerfish. The most distinct feature about this terrifying fish is the dangling lure atop its head that lights up and is used to attract prey. Fun fact: only females have this lure so the pattern that I designed is of a sassy, sharp-toothed female anglerfish.

Both of these patterns are available on Club Crochet so you can crochet yourself an elegant seahorse and a vicious anglerfish. Louie has put in an incredible amount of work creating accompanying videos for each pattern to help you crochet each creature.

This collaboration was a really fun project and I’m glad I had a chance to work with Louie and put our heads together to design two cool patterns and share them with you.