Sometimes when I’m thinking about what to crochet next, I’ll look through my yarn stash for little odds and ends that I want to use up and then go from there. I had a bit of this light blue, and dark green that wasn’t quite enough to make a full amigurumi.

While scrolling through Reddit, I came across this post, which is a video of people putting flower hats on ducks. I don’t have a duck but I have and know a lot of cats. So of course, I had to create a flower hat big enough for a cat!

It’s a very easy pattern and great for yarn stash busting. If you need to use up some yarn and have an animal friend in your life that needs a hat, this is a perfect project!


Worsted/medium (4) weight yarn in any colour for the petals [A], and green [G] for the stem

4.0 mm crochet hook

Scissors, yarn needle

Any pet (cat, dog, rabbit, duck, …) that needs a head covering

PETAL (Make 6)

Use any yarn colour [A].

With A, chain 21.

R1 Skip first ch, sc 3, hdc 4, dc 6, hdc 4, sc 3, turn to work the other side of the chain, sc 3, hdc 4, dc 6, hdc 4, sc 3 (40)

R2 sc 5, hdc 10, sc 4, inc, inc, sc 4, hdc 10, sc 5 (42)

R3 sc 21, chain 2, skip first ch, sc 1 into ch, sc 21 (43)

Finish with a sl st into the next st. Cut a long yarn tail (15 cm) for sewing.


Attach the petals by lining up the edges of the petals, and sewing the first 10 stitches together.


Use green yarn [G].

R1 With G, sc 6 in magic ring (6)

R2-10 sc in each st around (6)

R11 inc in each st around (12)

R12 (sc 1, inc) six times (18)

R13 (sc 2, inc) six times (24)

R14 (sc 3, inc) six times (30)

R15 (sc 4, inc) six times (36)

R16 (sc 1, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, sc 1) six times (36)

Finish with a sl st into the next st. Cut a long (30 cm) yarn tail for sewing.

Position the stem over the bottom of the petals. Sew the edge of the stem piece to the petals.