Free amigurumi patterns

Create your own amigurumi creature with these free crochet patterns! If you have any questions about the amigurumi patterns, leave a comment or send me a message!

Free Pikachu Crochet Pattern

Are you having trouble catching yourself a Pikachu in the wild? Grab a hook and some yarn and crochet your own with this free Pikachu crochet pattern! Make sure you check out my other patterns as well for my other Pokemon crochet designs!

Free Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern

It's getting close to Easter season! I always get egg-stremely egg-cited for the egg-scuse to egg-sersise egg-ceptionally egg-stravagant egg puns! Go ahead, egg me on! Okay, no more yolks. 🙂 To celebrate Easter, amigurumi-style, you can crochet up this little guy...

Free Mew Crochet Pattern

The original Pokemon Red and Blue games are being released on Nintendo's 3DS eShop later this month to celebrate Pokemon's 20 year anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long since I played Blue for the first time, picking my new Squirtle buddy, lovingly named...

Welcome to SirPurlGrey!

Hello! My name is Phillip and I am an amigurumi artist from Calgary, Canada. I am a nerd at heart – my amigurumi designs are inspired by my passion for video games and comic books.

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